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I’m back!


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I can’t continue

Ah! I’m sorry darlings. I cannot be the blogger I want to be. I can’t say what I feel, I can’t post up pictures that I want to and I can’t be who I am without taking in consideration of the feelings that some readers might have. It is quite sad really. In the end, it just feels that I must be responsible to not cause any ‘further damage’. In other words, I should be the one to have a heart/be sensitive/not be a bitch/to apologize.


Don’t talk to me if you can’t handle the truth. Don’t even read my blog so I don’t have to hurt you. Don’t message if you aren’t allowed to. And finally what I despise most is: don’t tell me what to do.

Dreymer is offically OAB until further notice. Ta-ta!

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Koh Samui: I love the sun

This is my view as I lay back on the lounge chairs on Lamai Beach.

Where my flip flops rest…

Yummy! I got a whole mango but sliced from this fruit seller for THB 50 (RM 5) and 2 free bananas and coconut flesh!

Random flower on the hotel premises..

The bikers… it was so fun and scary at the same time!


Finally I got my Phad Thai. It was expensive since we were in the heart of tourist land. A meal in Chaweng comes up to THB100 (RM 10). Bah!

After spending several hours in Chaweng, we decided to head back to Lamai and some touristy stuffs. Nearby an attraction awaits… We had to hike up a 100m trail and it wasn’t exactly easy especially when you’re wearing flip flops. Rocks and sands and only a rope as your support. EeeEEee…

But we got there in one piece to view the most enormous rock hard erection…

Ah. Proud with such grandeur. That one is called ‘Grandfather’. What’s ‘Grandfather’ without ‘Grandmama’? Becareful, she’s a little wet. (Actually this isn’t the one. The real ‘Grandmama’ doesn’t look like this. I couldn’t locate the right spot like how most men can’t).

There’s even an isolated reggae shack here too.

Some random pics..


The local kids

Crystal Clear

Grandfather standing proud against the sunset

to be continued… seafood indulgence…

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Koh Samui: A long, long journey

Another round of beef noodles in Krabi before the long journey to Koh Samui. This time, I had the thin noodles instead (not by choice, the lady couldn’t understand what I was trying to say). But it was still good!

Yes, sure I will.

After 9 hours on truck, ferry, bus and taxi… we finally arrive Koh Samui. Tired but excited, we rode our bikes from Lamai to Chaweng. Beautiful view on the way. Had dinner at Out of Africa. Look at the poor piggy! But guess what? It is the juiciest and the most tender piece of pork I’ve had for ages! I don’t really like pork alot but this was GOOD.

I ordered the Argentinian steak which was extremely disappointing. It was tough and I couldn’t even manage it at all. Grr..

Ooh. Time for Muay Thai! We got tickets to the Muay Thai match at Phetch Buncha, Chaweng. Tickets were THB 670 (RM 67).

Immediately you can tell that this match was made for tourists. You don’t find many locals at all over here.

The first match were against kids, about 8-10 years old. Young, but these boys are the potential bullies in school. Lean and mean, they can take my lunch money any time.

It isn’t a great fight until one gets a complete knocked out.

“Hey, no hard feelings mate!” A bloody nose and a nasty blow on the head is hard to forgive.

Well, after the all the sweat, blood, testosterone and sculptured Thai bodies, it was a 25-minutes ride back to Lamai. Up the cliffs and windy roads, we were back safe in the happening town of Lamai.

In need of more pampering, a foot massage was hard to say no to. Massages are more expensive in Koh Samui. It was THB 300 (RM 30) for an hour. That’s RM 10 more expensive than Krabi.

And we ended the night with some street food: barbequed meat! THB 10 (RM 1) per skewer. You see those flat, white packets on the right? That’s rice in a plastic bag. They are meant to be barbequed. Interesting huh?

to be continued…

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A day in Krabi

Ah.. yeah, I know! I haven’t been updating you guys on my trip to Krabi – Koh Samui – Koh Phangan. Here are some pics with minimal yak yak yak. Something unusual huh? Here are some of my favourite shots:

A bird’s eye view on parts of Krabi…

First meal of the day, beef ball and beef strip noodles with kueh teow. The stall is located on Maharaj Soi 4 in Krabi Town.

A peek of Ao Nang beach… wouldn’t your love to sink you feet into the sand?

The pathway along the beach. Rows of shops and coconut trees is the usual Ao Nang scene. If you are looking to shop for apparels, souvenirs, accessories, and fake branded goods, there are plenty of choices here. Hungry? You won’t be over here. A plethora of choice ranging from local, European and Asian. Tired and restless? Go for a massage. A foot massage is about THB 200 only (RM 20) for an hour.

You’ll also find street vendors selling local delights like the one I’ve spotted. This lady speaks a little BM as well. It says Thai pancake but it’s actually very thin, crispy roti canai with lotsa butter. You can have it as a sweet or savoury snack. I had mine with nutella for THB 20 (RM 2). Mmm yums! The one with banana is also highly recommended. Macam roti pisang la..

A walk on Ao Nang Beach. This is what you see – the hills and coconut trees. Gorgeous!

It was already evening so these sampans were back to shore.

You find all kinds of people here; the body beautiful babes, the joggers, the mommies with theirs kids, the strangers who would wave at you for no reasons and also know your name! It was then only I realized that I bumped into an ex-colleague who was also on vacation. Haa…

And yes, some topless people too…

And after all that walking and sightseeing, it’s just great to chill down with Mr Chang and a pizza 🙂


to be continued…  

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Hey guys, thanks for all your well-wishes! But thanks for remembering most of all 😉 I received the best gift today – the PM declaring 23rd a holiday. Woohoo..

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We celebrated our birthdays (an early one for me) at Cava, Jalan Bangkung on Saturday. As usual, we were the early ones arriving on time at 8pm whilst the rest dilly-dallied their way over.

*Sigh* Never seen a cake so brightly litted up. Felt like as if there was a heater or warmer in the room. +6Days for me!  Happy Birthday Shuks!


Yeah, the celebration this year was a little quiet without the presence of some. As much as I loved the way things used to be and wished that it would never change but I also like how things have turned out for me recently. Oh well..

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RIP Sophie

Her pink bicycle still left in the porch. The living room filled with doll houses. It must be difficult to lay her body with all her favourite soft toys surrounding her.. not on her bed, but in a casket. It must not be easy for any parent (or anyone for that matter) to see their child go before they do.

We’ve always seen this powerful, strong and successful man holding up a fort who has fought many battles only to be reduced to a frail, pink-eyed father who has lost his only child.

We know our time here is precious but how many of us have seen life lost when it only just started? We live our lives everyday with plenty of choices and most often we forget how lucky we are to still be here.

Why can’t we always remember that? Why only be reminded when tragedy strikes?

Just this morning, I was only thinking about myself. It made me feel terrible. But all that has changed when you know yourself that there are bigger issues out there that we don’t know about. I will not let that affect me. There’s more to life than this. I feel sorry for you if you can’t see pass this.

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Thailand for the Third Time

Don’t jelus… 

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Merry Christmas!

My first Christmas order. Recipient was really pleased 🙂 Woohoo..

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here’s wishing you a great year ahead. Enjoy the rest of 2007 because I know I will.

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