Posted by: dreymer | March 7, 2006

when the cookie doesn’t crumble…

… then it must be soft and chewy.

nothing will come between you and your nuts

you don’t find many places here that serve chewy cookies except for mrs. field’s. they aren’t popular simply because there isn’t a market for it. i guess most of us are so used to crunchy ones like famous amos. if it’s soft then they’ll say that the biscuit “lao fung” (got air) –> am bad with chinese translation but you know what i mean.

so if you are like me and love chewy cookies, you might want to check out a cookie counter in klcc (4th floor). size wise, they aren’t huge like the american ones but we can’t complain. you might even want to sample them before splurging RM 3.50 on a cookie.

i tried two — one with peanuts and martian fellow (chocolate and marshmallow). i picked the peanut one because i was hoping it’ll taste exactly the same in the dorms in fresno state. unfortunately, it didn’t.

worth trying 🙂


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