Posted by: dreymer | March 9, 2006

kari kambing @ kari ikan kepala, cheras

hot and spicy! 

since i’m kl-stupid and pj-spoilt, dre brought me to one of his usual lunch places in cheras. even when it was the weekend, cheras was jam-packed with cars. but with our hungry tummy and built-up craving for kari kambing, who cared about the jam?

we had a portion of their famous kari kambing. unlike most places, this one comes with the bone as well and it is supposedly tastier that way. and it’s true! furthermore the meat wasn’t overcooked so the mutton was tender and texture was soft. and you know when the curry is too good to resist is when your rice is worthy of being banjir-ed (flooded). we also ordered two pieces of deep-fried chicken (not pictured) and it was just as good. the chicken was freshly cooked so it was still juicy, warm and succulent. you know this food is ‘baaaaad’ when you can’t skip the crunchy chicken skin! ack!

as usual, you are also served white rice and a scoopful of stir-fried cabbage/taugeh (the yellow comes from kunyit).

this place is actually a ‘spin off’ from the original. the current boss used to be a worker who just took down orders at the original nasi kandar also in cheras. i guess, once you’ve mastered the skill and discovered the secret recipe, start your own and make it bigger!

should try their kari kepala ikan one day.

name of restaurant: kari kepala ikan cheras
lot 10480, jalan cheras (lrt maluri car park) — just next to a police station.


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