Posted by: dreymer | March 11, 2006

thrashing the bad, unwrapping the good

unwrapping the good 

it is 6:16pm and i’m drained.

i hate to be one those people who complain about their work and rant and bitch and rant and bitch about how life is unfair and how your colleague next to you is shaking legs while you’re slave driven. or how your bosses won’t take no for an answer. or your table is filled with unfinished paperwork. or you had to skip lunch with your colleagues to attend to a difficult, pre-pubes and whiny client. or how you spent your whole week in the office conducting software training and each session is 4 hours long and you’re effing thirsty now.

so i won’t do that.

instead i will channel all my energy on everything nice filled with sugar and spice. for one, i had a cute client over for training today 🙂 ahh.. secondly, i’m looking forward to tomorrow’s night with the guys and my grrlfriend (woot woot! no bf/gf allowed). thirdly, it’s just matter of days till i’ll fly away on CX for my long-awaited short vacation. YaY! i made my full payment today and got my confirmation.

15 more days babey!


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