Posted by: dreymer | March 12, 2006

citizen grrl

all eyes on you.. 

it’s sunday and like all mondays, this is the penultimate worst day of the week simply because it’s the end of the weekend. but on the brighter side, the faster 24 hours pass, the better. it’s just a matter of days before we get to enjoy the gloomy, as forecasted, hong kong. come rain or shine, it won’t discriminate us shoppers.

speaking of shopping, i already feel guilty for spending $$$ this weekend. i tried to resist. i really did. but that jacket was pleading for me to hold it. wear it. love it. buy it. i succumb to its pity pleas. gawd… am i weak or what?

on the other hand, i am officially in the ‘ah soh’ club because i purchased my first bed sheets, quilt cover and pillowcases for a bed that i haven’t even bought. it was on sale! 50% off. good deal right? how to say goodbye to a good buy?


… and most businesses too. not just in terms of money because i’m sure there are bigger shareholders than i am but i contribute via valuable feedback. some would regard it as ‘lodging a complaint’ or as the chinese say, ‘si faat han mo yeh ho joh‘ (backside itchy and nothing else better to do) but i see it as constructive criticism. most of my friends already know what i’d do if i encounter an unpleasant product or service. yes, i write feedbacks and i don’t just single out the bad! positive or negative, either way, it is beneficial for us consumers and businesses.

i’ve taken on cases such as jusco — departmental store and supermarket, fish and co. and ikea to name a few. not all came back with a follow up but some chose to ignore after they found out i could get one of their friend staff in trouble. i have a heart and a conscience and if my fussiness would cause someone to lose their jobs in an already difficult employee market, i’d drop the ‘complaint’. some have act on my suggestions and i could see the change! just like the female restrooms in ikea. notice how it is different from most public lavatory? (i’m assuming they reacted on my suggestions or similar)

anyway, my latest case was on an international franchise. i wrote in and left my comments not at the branch but addressed it to the general manager. they were very prompt with response and their follow up was excellent. also because i had picture proof of their degrading quality, i forwarded them the photo as reference. they got back to me immediately, apologized and even sent me vouchers!

this weekend, all i will say for now is one very popular bakery is gonna get in troublleeeeee *sings* “excuse me sir, but there’s a fly on your bun!” *click click*

(please note that my intention is to create awareness, not to luck in on freebies)


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