Posted by: dreymer | March 16, 2006

the 16 hours wait

timecheck: 10:40pm

16 hours to go.

took half day leave today. i don’t know about you but i need to take a day off before and after a trip. triple h emailed and wished me a safe and wonderful trip — attached with a picture of the city skyline she snagged from some tour website. she wrote that she was envious since i was only a couple hours away from ‘freedom’ while she work her butt off. i was tempted to let out an evil cackle but that was short-lived. i’ll be greener in envy in a couple of weeks when she leaves for anfield. this lucky biatch won a trip to watch liverpool fc match and it comes together with free lodging and a return air ticket! all she had to do was to send in a contest form and then kick a couple of footballs into a goalie. argh!

met up with goobis and the c’s for lunch. we went to matsuba in hartamas (directly opposite devi’s corner). i had the sushi and tempura set. after placing my order, then only i realized that i shouldn’t have ordered anything raw since i’ll be flying off tomorrow. wouldn’t want to risk experiencing a tummy upset. but once the tray of japanese food craft was set in front of me, i pushed my worry aside.

the tempura was excellent especially the prawn and brinjal!

sushi & tempura set RM22

we skipped the mackerel

the next time i visit matsuba and want something light, i’ll order the california maki. they are generous with the ebikko (salmon roe) and there’s just something about japanese mayo that i can’t resist!

goobis' california roll was egg-licious

male c ordered this ramen dish with a peanuty broth. i don’t know what else was in there but i did try the soup. it was too salty for my liking but it did have a rather unique taste to it. doesn’t it look like our local har meen? (prawn mee)

mayo's ramen -- orange peanuty broth

and for the finale, we all shared a scoop of sesame ice cream. i didn’t know what to expect but after one spoonful the familiar taste of zhi ma woo (black sesame paste) answered my curiousity. you can even feel the tiny bits of grounded sesame. at one point, i don’t know if anyone noticed, but i was coughing quite a bit when the coarse sesame bits irritated my throat.

sesame ice cream


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