Posted by: dreymer | March 21, 2006

hk: central and the peak

day 2 (19/3): decided to have a REAL vacation and wake up later. yeah, like at 9am. that’s considered early to me already. while searching for a place to have breakfast, some filming and photo shoot was happening along peking road. i was hoping to see some cute tvb actor but to my dismay, they were some unknowns (or maybe just unknowns to me).


we stumbled across this breakfast place with an english menu (hurrah hurrah).

andre ordered this. so simple yet inviting.

fried noodles with char siew.

after breakfast, both of us walked our separate ways to see our own things. as much as we love spending time with each other, sometimes we still need our own individual time and space. ok, the truth is, we only had another 24 hours to shop! we were desperate!

so guess what? i found the tokidoki bag that i was searching high and lo for. i was extremely pleased. also got myself a metallic blue bear qee as an extra keychain to dress up my bag. yay!

one peking where they treat you well.

shops on canton road.

after three hours, we met each other again and headed back to the hotel to offload all our purchases. we changed and rushed to the mtr to causeway bay. already familiar with that area, we quickly got our stuffs (like the lancome spf 50 sunblock 15ml for only HKD 19!!) and took the mtr to central. we were rushing like crazy because we had to be at the peak tram at 6pm since we made reservations for the peak lookout at 8.30pm.


we were anticipating a crowd but there wasn’t one. we ended up reaching the top of the peak at 6:30pm and had two hours to kill. we walked around the peak and enjoyed the beautiful scenery from above while shivering our asses off!

i could have photoshop my flying hair but you wouldn’t know how windy it was.

showing off my tokidoki

manage to get a table earlier than what we’ve reserved for at the peak lookout. our table was set outside in the terrace. it was an experience and an ambiance you’ll remember for life. you enjoy your meal in a dim setting of lit candles. the wind is strong but the trees shield you away from the chill. you absorb the sounds of your surroundings — the conversations in different languages and dialects, the clanging of wine glasses and the sound of rustling trees. and andre’s laughter and his desperate attempt to get out of the place unnoticed, “do you think they will notice us??” hahaha!

our appetizer: escargots in mashed potato

we were out in the terrace.

at the entrance of the peak lookout.

back at central, the place was dead on a sunday night. we walk through lan kwai fong and it just felt different from the last time i was there. perhaps it was a working day the next day.

travelled back to kowloon where there’s still life! all the unusual or specialized items occupy small shoplots in medium size shopping arcades like this one. i was fascinated with the number of li’l shops inside undiscovered by people like us. i guess, you need to be a local to know where to do your shopping.

located at the end of granville circuit

anytime; they carry bape stuffs.

toys and keychains

lomo and such

five stories of shops, shops, shops!

along the short stretch in granville circuit, more fashion boutiques:

out in the main granville road:

reach; they carry sneakers and tees incl. local brand stardust.

at the end of the night, there’s always room for another type of dessert.

mango with glutinous rice balls at hui lau san dessert shop on hau fook street.

then the nightmare begins when we start to think of ways to stuffs our barangs in our tiny hand carriages. i guess we underestimated our shopping capabilities…



  1. You go to the peak to see sunrise or sunset? hmm…?! The place looks very romantic.. hehe… Where is this? I should try my luck and bring a girl there… hahahaha.. :p

  2. haha.. you should. it’s the most romantic place in hk. the restaurant’s called the peak lookout.

    no sunset leh. it is too foggy this time of the year.

  3. aiseh… what a waste… No sunset… Hmm… I better make a note.. hahaha… Romantic place.. Peak err… err.. peak… errr… oh.. lookout.. hehhe… Looks like you really enjoyed the trip… I’m gonna make a trip also… but on a tight budget. So, will go Siem Riep (hopefully) in June… :p

  4. wah! like that if need prescription drugs don’t need to go to pharmacy in klang already la…

  5. huh? why? There’re so many other pharmacies in Klang… :p

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