Posted by: dreymer | March 21, 2006

hk: food and footwear (part II)


day 1 (18/3): started our day with more food. i was intrigued by mili’s trip to cartoon dimsum at superstar restaurant on nathan road. i don’t know why but we didn’t see any snowman woo kok (taro puff) or penguin shaped dumplings. we still went ahead with dimsum and one bite of cheong fun with char siew, who cared about rabbit shaped pau?

took the mtr to causeway bay and proceeded to get lost. tried to search for fashion walk but we kept diverting to other areas till we subsequently trashed the idea. we couldn’t locate any stussy or streetwear shops until our eyes darted to the 2nd level of shop houses. we had to walk up the badly litted and narrow stairwell to locate speciality shops on sneakers and toys.


at sub-urban, close to sogo in causeway bay

at grand. baroque and street, who would have thought?

the dodgy narrow stairwell…

… and sometimes there’s a working elevator

at the stussy chapter store, causeway bay

the infamous timesquare shopping mall

the ups and downs of a huge shopping complex

… and no matter what, there’s always time for ben & jerry’s

on my part, i was dissapointed because the only place i found that stocked on lesportsac was sogo and they didn’t have tokidoki at all. i did spot some hk grrlies with the bag but my first thought was that it must have all been sold out 😦

we proceeded back to tsim sha tsui as recommended by most of the employees of the shops we went to.

granville road; too many shops, too little time

nike sb on granville road (part of ramada hotel kowloon)

another stussy chapter store on chatham road

by then, we were tired and thirsty so we headed to macau restaurant along lock road for refreshing ice coffee and ice tea. they serve their beverages in stainless steel holders. we also had their popular pork chop bun. unfortunately, we didn’t have room for their roasted pigeon but i bet they were good!

an upclose of the pork chop, are you salivating already?

after more shopping in tsim sha tsui, we decided to venture ahead to mongkok. we’ve heard that they have more shoe shops over there. we boarded the ever-crowded mtr and exit to mongkok to search for ctma center.

mongkok is crazy busy! i thought the robust kowloon was as busy as it can get but mongkok was 100 times more crowded. we were getting a headache avoiding people and getting out of their way and our’s. some roads were close due to heavy people traffic. you couldn’t walk fast because there were people in front of you just taking a nice slow stroll. and you couldn’t go at normal walk pace because there were bound to be people in the hurry.

after spending at least an hour there, we were done with mongkok. not that it wasn’t a great place to explore but we were dead tired. we were out for 10 hours over and we didn’t have the strength to fight our way through hoards of people. see! it was that bad that we didn’t even take a picture!

back at tsim sha tsui, we let our poor feet rest and our tummies filled with siew ngor (roasted goose) and char siew and a bowl of ngau lum (beef brisket) in hot beef broth. i can’t remember the name of this shop but it’s situated at the start of granville road (from nathan road) and a few shoplots away from timberland.

andre and i voted this was one of the best meals we had in hk


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