Posted by: dreymer | March 21, 2006

hk: food and footwear

we had a purpose.

some vacationers want to absorb the culture. some may choose just to go on tours and visit popular spots. some like to just take it easy and relax. for us, our combined purpose for 3 nights in the city that never sleeps were for food and footwear! (and tees and tokidoki lesportsac and mags and cosmetics and lou poh peng but listing all wouldn’t make such a good title right?)

eating out and shopping sounds like anybody’s itinerary but we wanted to do something different — to go for both extremes. anyways, here are our pictures and a short documentary of our short vacation to hong kong. enjoy!

even on a holiday... 

friday noon: arrived klia and immediately checked in on our cathay pacific flight to hk. we had burger king and as you can see, just mere hours leaving our homes and computer, we were already online in the airport! someone left their login card with RM6 credit left. yay! lucky us (and a very addicted us).

never believe the weather forcast. stayed at kimberley hotel on kimberley road. strategic location. walked out to parkes street for mak man kee’s wan tan mee. another recommendation from the c’s. absolutely delicious. despite noodles drenched in soup, the texture was crunchy and cooked to perfection — not too soft or over-cooked.

wan tan meen

the prawn wanton was filled 100% with fresh, succulent shrimp.

with all prawns!

we turned our heads and saw a guy next to us savoring on braised chi sau (pig’s knuckles) and ordered a serving. the pork was cooked in lam yue sauce (fermented bean curd) and extremely sinful. fat content = 100%.

so sinful!

after that dish of sin, we had to clear our guilt and walk it all off. explored parts of temple street and then did a 180 towards the harbour. and like all couples walking along the arena of stars, we just had to sit on the railing and enjoy the amazing hk island skyscrapers admist a foggy backdrop.

even on the way back to the hotel, we couldn’t resist but to order egg puffs from a side street vendor. we’ve seen pictures of it in kix-files and curiosity (and greed) got the better of us.

back at room 919. tired, sleepy but happy.



  1. Why are there so many mirrors in your hotel room? Naughty!

  2. kinky wat..

  3. Wah lau… kinky… hahaha… :p Good one… hahaaha… :p

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