Posted by: dreymer | March 22, 2006

hk: through thick and thin

final day (20/3): woke up early, seeing that we only had 3 hours to kill before our airport shuttle picks us up. made a beeline straight to hankow road to get more pastries and half a goose for my family dinner back home. of course, had breakfast too.

haiphong road

ngau lum meen

dip your noodles in red vinegar like how the locals do.

at guangdong restaurant.. no such thing as bird flu scare here.

our hotel

a last view of kimberley road

on the grounds of kowloon

all packed and ready to go…

food again! lunch at the airport..

the after effects of too much pork

on CX 721

it’s great to be back in the skies…

our holiday came to an end once we reached klia and was blasted with 30 degrees temperature and humidity. it was a slap of reality on our faces once again. back to work. back to wednesday tv day. however, it was great to be home.

we survived 96 hours together and stuck with each other through thick and thin… that is a thicker waistline and a thinner wallet.



  1. Wow.. you people can really eat. How many meals a day are you 2 eating over in HK? Have to admit though… the food looks yummy… I’d like to go and taste the wan tan meen ( they always say HK’s is better than anywhere in the world ) and the ngau lum meen looks really delicious… This site… ok coz can put up a lot of photos when you’re blogging. One thing bad is that cannot click on one photo to make comment on it.. :p

  2. we have three meals a day — breakfast, lunch/tea and dinner. just like everyone else! we burn it off by walking for 10++ hours a day. it’s no wonder we get hungry fast.

    yups! the WTM is the best in the world.

    oh yeah i know what u mean about not being able to comment on each pic. but at least i can describe the pics better and the flow is smoother. hehe 😉 thanks yeech.

  3. Geez.. 3 meals a day and yet you still have so much food? You 2 can really eat!! hahaha.. Good… Good… I thought I was the only one… hahahha… :p

  4. what’s so odd about having three meals a day? isn’t that normal?

  5. No lah… What I meant was, 3 meals a day… One meal you have so many different dishes? Got wan tan meen, got ngau err.. whatever meen… got this.. got that… very good horr… ehhehe… :p

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