Posted by: dreymer | March 23, 2006

all we need is just a li’l patience

i can’t believe how fast one week has passed by. just a week back, i was having lunch with my sis and the c’s and getting all excited about my trip. today, i’m multitasking between typing and my chap fan, finishing off my charts and still digesting a piece of good news i received yesterday. it’s not just the content of the letter that i’m elated about but it feels great and appreciated when there’s someone to stand behind you and fight for you for what you’re worth.

with that, now i know how absolutely clueless i am about market value. i am easily pleased and sometimes that’s not a good thing. when do you ask for more? when do you stop? when do you know it is enough?

perhaps all these will come with experience. i just need to remain patient.



  1. Time really flies.. And I had that kind of appreciation before for what I’ve achieved in my work. But after a while, it started to look very boring and stale… Coz maybe it’s due to the new management that a lot of rules and regulations have been tighten up. Now I feel victimised. So, after 5 years++ of working, I guess it’s time for a change…

  2. dunno is it coz of the fact that we’re girls – i am also quite not very ambitious career-wise, and i know this is so not feminist, but i was kinda hoping my future hubby will bring the dough back, and i just earn enough to keep myself happy with the shopping and the luxuries. tee hee..

  3. aiming for the tai tai lifestyle? me too. unachievable la.. so i think i better be career minded. haha!!

  4. Yeah… career minded. but don’t lah be too much!! Spend more time on career than with hubby… No good!! 🙂 Guys like their wives to spend time with them… I’m not sure about the rest. But I sure would like my future wife (If I ever do get married… doubt it from the way my life’s going.. 😦 ) to spend at least the weekend with me.. 🙂 And maybe dine together, go for holidays together… hehehe.. :p Wishful thinking, right?! yeah.. I know…

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