Posted by: dreymer | March 24, 2006

conversation with a piece of wood

after listening to him go on and on and on and on about his oblivious concerns of the opposite sex, it is nice when someone seems genuine enough to turn the conversation to you and ask how you are doing. i mean, after 40 minutes of talking about yourself, wouldn’t you want to take a break? 

to start off, both parties are guilty as hell for their absence from each other’s lives for a long time. if he has feelings or a tiny bit of courtesy and maybe a pinch of conscience then shouldn’t it be a give and take situation where in the end we won’t fall to a one way conversation?

and there i was thinking that we shared the same idea of what ‘let’s catch up’ meant. to him it’s “let’s catch up on me, myself and i. you listen.”

i try to restrain myself from talking about people i know behind their backs. i wish i could handcuff and inflict temporary memory setback to myself, sit in a corner and hush. but it’s hard and it’s pissing me off. imagine you’re sitting at a cafe and listening attentively to what he has to say. when both are quiet and he’s thirsty from talking too much, he gets back to you and asks how’s work. hardly completing 2 sentences (and i haven’t even gotten to the boring part yet), he interrupts you with a loo break. acceptable, of course! i wouldn’t want to be in company with someone with bad bladder control.

you pause. you wait for his return. he gets back to his seat relieved. as you’re about to reveal how there’s a reshuffle in your department, he completely cuts you off with his whole shitdeal so fast that you don’t even have the chance to blurp out “I…..”

and so that’s it. your time to speak was up as decided by the lord of self-absorbed. *sigh*

any guesses who won’t be in my christmas card list this year? haa..




  1. I don’t want Christmas cards… I want Christmas presents.. can? hahaaha… :p

  2. haha…. I hope not me!

  3. yeech: give you a kick

    atti2de: you even worst, never ask me anything. HAHAHA

  4. hmmmm why is that not good? hehe sorry goobs, prolly because I’m pre-occupied with the little one, I forgot to ask how you are and how does your day end. Maybe I’ll start today. So… how’s life been treating you?…. ish… and to think we live just across the street!

  5. kick? don’t want lah… can I choose other things? hahaha… Aiya… human nature.. filter what you don’t want to listen to.. hahaha… Just like me during meetings… I “shut myself off” when it comes to somethings which I don’t want to know… hehe…

  6. atti: nah, i’m kidding la.. hah.. you give me too much attention..

    yeech: it makes me not want to care anymore so i won’t. you boss mah, so u can shut off. hehe

  7. I’m not boss lah… I’m a coolie.. hahaha.. The meetings is between the management level. So, all managers, area managers, merchandising department senior level management, operations etc etc… will be there. I’m only but a small time coolie from a small time shop. So, doesn’t make a difference loh.. All also talk nonsense. So, I shut off… hahaha… :p

  8. i never received any Christmas cards from u, ever… so am i worse than the guy in question? hahaha

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