Posted by: dreymer | March 25, 2006

it’s jil’s turn

10 years

don’t hate me jil. like how the old saying goes, “the hand that clicks the camera rules the world.” 

the grrls had dinner together at 18th to 20th century restaurant in ttdi. shuks and i welcome jil to the mid 25-30s group. see, can’t even say mid 20s anymore! jil thoughtfully reminded us that we were now a few years away from the dirty 3-0 and that’s when it’s down hill all the way. argh!

as usual, when the grrls get together we always end up with new phrases and nouns. our current favourite from geri when she encountered a road bully:

rushing for reincarnation‘ – for those moments when you feel that the phrase ‘you wanna die fast ar?!’ or ‘mau mati cepat ah???‘ is too common.

geri's seafood carbonara

geri claimed the sauce kept flying to her top


my spaghetti with calamari and chestnuts


we had the whole 2nd floor to ourselves

you know you’ve got too many candles when it turns out like you’ve set a bonfire on the cake.

27 candles

an upclose of our american brownie. don’t lose count!

our beautiful birthday grrl…

blowing hard

top L2R: seira, geri and shuks, bottom L2R: me, jil and kailing



  1. The girl’s 27 already? Well, wish her happy belated birthday for me… haha… The food looks good. Where’s this? And please don’t tell me it’s Madam Kwan’s in KLCC… The food there is awful!! Tried and hated every bit of it… Even the food in the foodcourt taste better…

  2. wow.. jil looked older in school … guess she’s blossomed. happy birthday!

  3. yeech: you dirty boy. you just go straight to the pics and never bothered to read right? 

    c: yeah.. some people are like wine, better as they mature.

  4. *nasty pics* will remember to bring my own weapon to deal with you cameragirls next time! and must qualify tt i was just repeating whut someone told me abt the 30’s thingy – i myself think i enjoy getting older

  5. NOOO!!! I plead innocence!! hehe.. Got photo mah… I also read what?! hehehe… But then again, how can a guy refuse to look at a photo of pretty girls, right?! right?! right?! hahahhaa… :p

  6. wah!!!! Buaya in action!

  7. yeech: then you wouldn’t be asking obvious questions!!! poor excuse!! 🙂

    jil: no choice but to enjoy..

  8. Where got buaya? No lah… I very innocent one.. hahaha… Obvious questions? Aiya… Should be innocent questions.. hehhee… :p

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