Posted by: dreymer | March 31, 2006

the lie: the truth is in the title

the quest: in the past 2 weeks, there were bound to be one entry about my heritage face recognition. all you need to do is submit a picture of yourself and it would scan your face and pick a celebrity that closely matches your looks. sounds great eh? the good – it’s a quick and cheap boost of ego. the bad? now you have people prancing down the street with their nose in the air and clad in a yukatta thinking, “i’m as demure and as docile as zhang zi yi.” or super sexy ayumi hamasaki. or pixie nymph kristin kreuk. or (???) samo hung. haa! or just like someone i know would say, “brad pitt looks like me.” (sometimes you don’t need a website; just a tak-sedar-and-shiok-sendiri self-declaration)

so i jumped in the bandwagon and quickly rode away with the rest of the celebrity lookalikes. funnily almost everyone came out gorgeous when in reality they look like something a cat dragged out a bag. but i digress. i went through my photo albums and decided to pick this photo of me and ally on my birthday.

reasons being:

  1. i wanted to know which celebrity lookalike I was schmo-ing with
  2. i just turned 27. it would be fun if the website relates me to a teeny bopper.
  3. a colleague said we look ‘killer sexy’ (his exact words before undergoing lasik). my expectation of my celebrity lookalike is very high now.

the hypothesis: to resemble a popular asian female star that have fans all over the world kissing her feet and worship the grounds she walk upon.

the outcome: i was in the company of cutesy sammi cheng. and i turned out to be a classic 30’s star — stan laurel. i do wonder how in the world did my small cina eyes, flat nose, brown asian skin and hair could resemble a caucasian male with a jay-leno type chin! argh! the only common distinct is that we are funny looking. THAT’S IT!

the conclusion: this is so wrong but so funny at the same time (stan laurel ha!ha!) ok, seriously… for entertainment purposes, this is alright. but there are some people who are now strutting their stuffs thinking they can pull off a paris hilton or a lindsay lohan effortless when in reality they could be hurting other people (in terms of eyesight). but let’s think about it, it isn’t so bad, right? after all, it is exciting when we don’t need to be our usual selves all the time and temporarily become someone else.

jump out of our own boring character and into a handsome role — like an actor! or sometimes get into role reversal. like a female acting out as a concerned male but behind that monitor, she’s just cleverly manipulating a young, unsuspecting victim of a very cruel joke. it’s all fun and games until you go too far. people need to know when enough is enough.

for me, i’m done with because i learn the hard way that some things in cyberworld is a LIE. yups.. just like your last name.

i’m fucking proud that i look like stan laurel.



  1. whoaaa.. drey.. you look very pretty in the photo!!! Like err… what’s her name again?! errr… sorry… can’t remember the name… But still… you look very pretty!! :p

  2. I checked mine… I look like Hidetoshi Nakata… hahaha… Dang… The difference between that guy and me is so obvious!! Yet, they say I look like Hidetoshi Nakata. hmm… Good for people who wants to boost their egos!! hahaha…

  3. who’s hidetoshi nakata?

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