Posted by: dreymer | April 1, 2006

the fpfc coaster

you are in deep shit. you are holding a glass of iced-water. you look around. no coasters. no placemat. no newspaper. your gf will kill you if she sees any water mark on her veneer table. you are desperate. you grab the next best thing — a magazine.

yet you are careful as you thought about the harsh consequences of what would happened if you destroy the coverpage.

you flip through the monthly.


 you find the perfect match.


this page would do you good. you can now place your drink as marked.

remember this?



  1. Well, I don’t normally put the cup on the magazines… : ) But maybe on newspapers… That too, on “old newspaper… po put po put po put… sau kau pou chee…” hahahaha… :p

  2. its out? will check out

  3. yahla.. but don’t buy it. just flip through. unless u have a thing for 50 eligible bachelors.

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