Posted by: dreymer | April 1, 2006

when ipoh is just 30 mins away from pj

do you have cravings for authentic ipoh hor fun (flat rice noodles) but don’t want to make that 2 hours drive? head down to the ipoh noodle stall in klcc’s middle food court.

i don’t know much about ipoh and their noodles but according to them, they are currently operating both shops in ipoh and in klcc. maybe someone out there can shed some light on the origins.

anyhow, their hor fun is fantastic. we ordered the beef ball hor fun. the beef ball that most of us are accustomed to is crunchy (and alot of added preservatives etc). this one is made out of minced beef so expect the texture to be soft. the broth is cooked with carrots and white radish to bring out the ‘sweetness’ in the soup.

another dish to try is the wanton hor fun. this isn’t like the ordinary soft wanton you get elsewhere. five pieces of prawn wanton is placed on top of the noodles in soup. so if you don’t like your wanton crispy, just dunk it in the soup and you’ve got another variation of the dumpling.


i like the popiah too. cooked in a perfect golden brown, the popiah skin is crispy and yet the turnip filling is still moist. i wasn’t too sure about the green peas inside a popiah and was tempted to take them out. after comtemplating that i shouldn’t be so fussy, i took a bite and thankfully it wasn’t repulsive. as long as peas aren’t undercooked, i’m fine with that green, wrinkled bean.



  1. IS it really that good? I usually would prefer to go to the place itself to taste the “local” food. Why? Coz I’ve tried in restaurants so called “local” food and I find that they are not really as tasty as the real thing!! ; )

  2. why don’t you try and let me know?

  3. hey, yeah this shop in Ipoh on Cowen Street is known to supply the Shop in KLCC their horfun. Not the soup tho’….

  4. ah.. thanks for the li’l bit of info. now we can all eat in peace.

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