Posted by: dreymer | April 3, 2006

with a twist of lime

i think i’m going siao already. i don’t know whether it comes with age but i’ve become too sensitive. don’t you realize when people get a little older, they tend be easily irritable or hurt over the slightest thing (and sometimes maybe nothing?) i think it’s utter stupidity to worry about something that’s not even there. but then again, is it wrong to take precaution? why is it that a proactive step is condemned/unfavourable and we choose to be reactive? shiates. i’m such a pessimist. i feel like a damn aunty complaining. bad bad bad.i wonder what happened to that carefree spirit of mine of just taking one day at a time and not giving a toot about anything until the time comes. maybe i’ve lost it. maybe i’ve had it for too long and i’m sian. maybe i haven’t had a drink for a long time. hence the isn’t too early for a caipirinha, is it? was told it’s good.. bah!

~ the day dreymer and the wishful thinker



  1. Hahaha… Aunty Drey… hahaa… Well, don’t worry. I’m also the same.. Coz the so called management of this company I’m working for is so irritating. Making up all sorts of dumb procedures just to please themselves. Almost let rip at my staffs today coz the bloody area manager was at it again.. threatening me with fines and warning letters (no bonus for next year if I get any warning letters). I’m giving them sales and more sales… But they’re making it as if they want me to leave. So, maybe I should!! Maybe I will… heheh…

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