Posted by: dreymer | April 4, 2006

itty britty

“what’s the difference?”

“the anglican church is the one built by king henry the viii so he could marry anne bolene,” i explained.

“shit.. you remembered. someone must have been paying alot of attention in world religion,” he teases and continues with “i bet you had a crush on the lecturer. him.”

him. ah.. he spoke of him like he was god.

i sip my teh o ais limau uneasily. “no way.. come on, i love history.” and rolled my eyes at him.

he gives me that cheeky smile. his dimples visible. he knew he could trap me in a corner (not literally). he look at me eye to eye, without a single blink.

“eh aud, i’m sure you did.”

i let out a nervous laugh. cheeks slightly crimson and warm. i turn away but my eyes met his. blardy idiot read me like an opened book. “yeah.. of course. why not? he is british ok??”

well am i right? anyone at one point in their lives must have had a crush on someone and chances are he is a brit. whether he is real or an actor (haha, i make it sound like that there are no REAL brit actors) he must have been an english lad.

british guys. i can’t pin-point the point of attractiveness. i know for sure it can’t be their good looks (jude law and orlando bloom are exceptions – maybe they weren’t pedigree brit hahahaha!) before you shoot me down with disagreement, take a look at my example:

  • huge grant: thin lips. slightly wrinkled. the sad, droopy puppy eyes of a st. bernard. yet, you swoon when he looks right at you.
  • colin firth: i don’t even know where to begin! look at that guy’s hair and he is so rigid. look at the way he moves. the first time i saw him in bridget jones, i thought, that can’t be her love of her life?! yet, you wished he played a bigger part.
  • robbie williams: he can sing but what’s missing is a mole on his upper cheeks from resembling a german sheppard. yet, he’s the master of the dawg pound.
  • clive owen: quite a looker actually but monotonous. yet, you wished he would speak more!
  • mr ******: my lecturer in college. receding hairline. too skinny. haggard. cheeks sunken in. a manual washboard forehead. yet, you never skipped class and paid full attention in class.

could it be their dry humour? discreet (but painful) sarcasm? accent? perfect english?

or the fact that they pronouce can’t as ‘KARNT’ makes it more appealing already? beats me.




  1. I kinda like their slang more than American slang.. hehe.. 🙂

  2. ahhhh.. so you have a thing for british guys too eh?

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