Posted by: dreymer | April 5, 2006

short and sweet

from that time i blurted out that forsaken sentence, i was —

condemned. critisized. picked on. cut up into pieces. chewed and spat on. nitpicked.

my advice: becareful with your words. make sure it’s short and sweet. for instance, if you want to convey the message that a person is a twat you should just say, “you are a twat.”

if that person is an asshole, do voice out “you are an asshole.”

don’t try to make your sentence with more than five words.

don’t even try to be fanciful.

don’t do like what i did.

my intentions were good. i wanted to let the person know that i appreciated their kindness and i wanted to stress on what a wonderful person they are. so i said, “you’ve been nothing to me but super nice!” emphasis on the word NICE.

however, it was not well-received. the uptight response was filled with angst. i was confused. they spat back spitefully with “what do you mean? i’ve been nothing to you??”

sometimes people don’t bother to look at the whole picture. instead, the pick on, what seems like the most negative word in the sentence and forget what the main objective is.

“you are an asshole.”

i hope you get the whole picture now.


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