Posted by: dreymer | April 8, 2006

skewer you!

hell no!

you don’t need to go all the way to kajang for sate anymore. there’s one right here in damansara utama. for 60sens per stick, it does taste like the real thing. unlike most satays, each skewer comes with a plump piece of chicken and sometimes no fats at all. wonderful isn’t it?

of course, satay goes exceptionally well with ketupat. must go for the ketupat and not nasi impit. ketupat is more fragrant because the rice is wrapped in pandan leaves whereas nasi impit is wrapped in plastic.

what i like about this place besides its location is their generosity of their peanut sauce and chili oil. for you non-kajang satay regulars, here’s what you do with the sauce. scoop out the non-spicy peanut sauce and add about 2-3 teaspoons of chili flakes in oil. if you like it spicier, common sense says put in more than 3 teaspoons full.

i’ve only tried chicken and beef. i don’t think i wanna have fish in a skewer. just not too appetizing right?

sate kajang hj samuri

same row as the ex-fajar in damansara utama



  1. looks delish! Might wanna have that for dinner tonite. Tried the Kambing one and Beef. Beef is nice, tender enough to take a bite off the piece of meat. Unlike some other satay places, u gotta stuff your cheeks with the whole piece of meat!

    The Kambing one is not too bad, doesn’t have that really “sou” smell. A little more chewy than the beef :P~~~

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