Posted by: dreymer | April 9, 2006

you are what you get

you know what’s funny?

strangers leaving messages in your friendster inbox wanting to be friends.

you know what’s even funnier?

ladies complaining about how annoying it is when strangers write messages that are… hmm, how should i put this… let’s see “thought provoking”? simply because the grammar is EVERYWHERE that you need to read it at least twice before you can actually comprehend what has been communicated. the ladies are frustrated. they grumble, “aiya shit… got this ah beng messaged me. damn hamsup la the fella. somemore the english can’t even understand…” example of such messages:

i am daniel… it is very glad that would like to be a
friend with u. hope that we can make good friend…
in this world. wish can receive your reply soonly
please add me:, thank you ^_^

this is just a typical message you get. imagine your inbox flooded with 50 or so of these ‘friendly’ messages. so now you have some females bitching about the horrible messages they get from strangers. they think that their friendster profile is visited by pervs, lonesome nerds and S.A.D. idiots. imagine some unknown lurking and stalking you. perhaps wanking on your picture.

what horrid thoughts.. and the rage. the grrls are horrified! they are now victims of mental rape and what’s worst, these guys want to be friends and can’t even write proper english. double horror!

oh the poor, poor grrls!

to be fair, before we jump the gun that most guys are creepy, let’s be the devil’s advocate. just browse through your list or even go through profiles of your second degree friends. most of them are decent but you’ll find the occasional navel-baring, asscrack-revealing, g-string-peeping and cleavage-exhibiting pictures. aren’t these ladies actually subjecting themselves to be harassed by the opposite sex? if you can take such pictures and also upload them on a very public website like friendster, then i guess you should be prepared to face the consequences.

you want the attention and you’ve got it. why are you still grieving? oh, sorry.. i guess i forgot that maybe these pictures are just meant for your ‘first degree friends’ and not the rest of your network. you do have the option to reveal these pictures to friends in your list only. you have a choice. use it.

what i think about all these garbage bitch bit? you are what you get. as simple as that.


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