Posted by: dreymer | April 13, 2006


i was disappointed. i was looking forward to ending my one day break with good thai food — original tom yum kung, phad thai, thai iced tea all served by authentic thai transvestites. unfortunately they were closed. since we were around jalan bukit bintang, we diverted our cravings to japanese — refreshing miso soup, una don, hot ocha all served by by straight people. how boring.

it was 1030pm. much too early to be heading back and too late to do anything else too. but being in the robust kl, you are bound to find something to pass time. foot reflexology, suggested tau keh and the grrl who thought ghafar baba was one of the 4 prime ministers in malaysia. fantastic idea. however, first picture in my mind.. “eww, you mean those sleazy shops filled with tourists? safe or notttt!?”

if it’s sleazy enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

just as you walk along the pavement, promoters drown the sounds of traffic with their competitive prices. some of them spoke to me in mandarin thinking i must be tourist. hmm.. must be my two black bobby pins on the side that i secured my fringe with! hrmph! if that’s not enough, sometimes you felt like you were stuck in a huge chicken coop – surrounding you were promoters pecking on you and chirping “cheap! cheap! cheap! cheap!”. a replica of how singaporeans are when they are shopping in johor.

we settled for “best friend foot reflexology.” for RM40 you get a full 45 minutes foot massage. i’ve been neglecting care on my poor feet for a long time, it’s high time i reward them and myself too. they gave us three lazyboys placed side by side at the end of the shop lot. we had a full view of the just as busy low yat plaza.

my foot masseuse (can i call her a foot masseuse? is that right? well who cares. nobody reads this anyway) was a lanky chinese grrl in her 20s. dressed in knee length shorts and an oversized tee, she doesn’t look like the typical aunty-type promoters that were surrounding us or the other two aunties that were in charge of tau keh and the-grrl-who- thought-ghafar-baba-was-one-of-the-4-prime-ministers-in-malaysia (haha, can’t help saying that… now i’m too cautious to even spell her name out).

back to the masseuse, she had short spiky hair. i was thinking that maybe business wasn’t too good because she couldn’t afford to bleach her whole head blonde but just a few strands of bangs on the side. poor grrl. she also had a small tribal design tattoo on her right wrist that goes up to her thumb.

after cleaning and rubbing in the cream on my feet, she pressed in her knuckles into different points of my feet! i wanted to let out a scream or even a small “ack!” but i better not cause such a commotion. i never thought a malnourished masseuse like her could inflict so much pain on someone. she must have noticed my facial expression when she asked, “too pain ah?”. i nodded. don’t kill me please, sister of ah long! (ah long = loan shark)

i guess it should hurt if not what’s the point? i suppose that every point in your feet has a direct connection to your internal organs. i’ve not read enough (or at all) on foot reflexology to understand how it work. while the masseuse was kneading my feet with her knuckles as hard as stone, i was tempted to ask if she had cure for a broken heart. i was curious to know if there was one point in my feet that could live up my spirits and made me feel happier. wouldn’t it be great if we knew how to we could mend a broken heart just by touching that one point? it’ll make a great selling-point too.

“the secrets of mending a broken heart is through your feet.”

“he broke your heart? we can fix it for RM 50 per hour”

why would anyone succumb themselves to puffy red eyes or even write to dear thelma anymore? just when i thought i could be the pioneer of mending broken hearts and be a millionaire overnight, my 45 minutes was up. my feet felt extremely good. i was relaxed. i knew that once i headed home, i could sleep like a baby.

pain. at one point or many points in our lives we will experience it. but just like my massage, it is just temporary. you only face it a short while if you want it to be that way. it only lingers on if you let it control you. once you let go, you too will feel relaxed. my pain went on for a week and it only took me 45 minutes with a masseuse whose looks could kill to realize that if i could take this pain, i can handle any kinds of pain. let go.

(oh! we found out her name is loong yi. loong as in dragon. see, i told you. could be a sister of a loan shark leh) 


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