Posted by: dreymer | April 22, 2006


after such a long time, i decided to log on to my university email. sometimes you get curious as to whether a long lost classmate of your’s decides to drop you an email. unfortunately, nobody missed me (especially that cool romanian dude). instead, i checked my sent mail. i found several emails from me to the evaluations and business school of my university. i couldn’t remember what were they so i went through each of my replies.

now i remember. i was back in malaysia for good when suddenly i received an email from the evaluations office indicating that i’ve not graduated because i lacked 3 units! what the hell! initial reaction: “yes! i have no choice but to go back!”. but when reality set in: “crap! my parents will send me the slaughterhouse and it ain’t fresno!”.

after checking, it was clearly the business school’s error. from my back and forth replies to the person who was in charge of my file, to the person who is supposed to send the memo to the person in charge of my file and to the person who is supposed to sign the memo and send it to the person to send it to the person in charge of my file, i was getting wary and frustrated. it was just days before a job interview and i needed my frickin’ transcript!

anyway, i went through one of my replies to vincent yen.. i laughed! i thought who wrote this and i saw it was signed off with my own name. i never thought i could write something like that especially to this vincent yen (whom i believe worked in evaluations). i can’t remember who he is and i don’t think he’s a friend. does anybody know who vincent yen is?

—– Original Message —–
From  yen vincent
Date  Thu, 28 Aug 2003 20:42:02 +0000
Subject  A letter from Admissions,records and evaluations………

HI Audrey,      

there’s still a letter coming again today from the above department writitng to u regarding the lacks of 3 units of electives that ur degree can’t be granted. if u need any help, just e-mail to me.




My reply:

Hi Vincent,Yups! I wrote to them again yesterday and what they need now is a memo from Business to the Evaluations office. They are so slack! Really irritates me. If by 3 days they don’t give me a reply on the progress of that memo, I’m going to have people from my office (when I was working there) to help me out. They need some spanking. Haha..Thanks,

oh my god. you know my style of writing. i’d NEVER write something to the context of “spanking.” i think it must have been a different audrey! well whatever it is, in the end, all was solved. ha..! i have a feeling it must have been the threat to ‘spank’ that got them to hurry…… or working at the provost’s office has its privileges.


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