Posted by: dreymer | April 27, 2006

for scones, apple pie and english tea

it is quite amazing. really. we used to talk about doing something but i don’t know, it just never happens when we all lead different lives and lifestyle. but we are doing it and i know it’s just a VERY near destination, it’s a good start. the girls (plus bf chris) are hitting cameron highlands for scones, apple pie and english tea! how wonderful is that? don’t laugh. like i said, it’s a GOOD START.

the new cafe at the boh plantation.

after mass emails and even have our ‘briefing’ (my gosh!) during lunch at ms read last weekend, we are ready for our first trip together.

geri’s happy about something. wondering what was she looking at

speaking of anal, look at the itinerary geri emailed us. (to not make her sound like a detailed maniac, she did confess that she swiped the itinerary somewhere and modified a little)

ConfirmedCameron Highlands details:

2D1N trip to Cameron Highlands

Date: 29 April (saturday)-30 April 2006 (sun)

Route: NSE towards Simpang Pulai then to Brinchang (Jalan Duta – Simpang Pulai: distance = 182.5km, toll fare = RM24.80)

Saturday, 29th April.7.00am SHARP!!: gathering before departure (Gan Kai Ling’s Appartment) Pick up AC from D’sara-> fueling, briefing.
7.30am: departure (Simpang Pulai) -> check point: Tapah NB R&R
9:30pm: arrival (Simpang Pulai), no stop, head to Brinchang
10.30pm: arrival (Brinchang) -> Breakfast, check-in, etc.
12.30pm: Lunch, rest

1.30pm:cactus farm, bee farm, strawberry farm, rose farm

5.30pm: Sungai Palas Boh Plantation for tea

7.00pm: Night Market at Brinchang

9:00pm: Dinner Steamboat Sunday, 30th April.
7.00am: Mountian Hiking (those who wanna sleep in … can skip la)
9.00am: Sungai Palas Boh Plantation
12.00pm: check out -> gather, lunch, etc.
free hours: rayau-rayau (please suggest)
2:00pm: Visit all the farms we missed out on first day
5.00pm: Tea at T-Cafe (well known for its scones and apple pie)

7.00pm:  departing to KL->check point: Tapah SB R&R

i think this is the only time in my life would i be visiting so many farms in one day *gulp* you know what’s funny? that we actually have a BRIEFING session. on top of that, she still loves to refer us by our full name!! LOL.

jil, not happy with her hot chocolate served in a glass w/ no handles

shuks’ new curls

drey’s frustrated as she pretends to know what she’s doing


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