Posted by: dreymer | May 2, 2006


everyone always talk about mondays, fridays and the weekends. i feel that thursdays are usually so left out. so here’s what happened on a very, very quirky thursday last week.

about 9am:  walked from my car park to my office building. got into the lift and headed for the 19th floor. flashed my access card, opened the door to my department, turned around and wished my colleague ‘good morning’. then only realized that i left my laptop in my car :o|

went back to the elevator. rushed down to ground floor. walked towards my car park in a hurry. was about to turn into the stairwell and because there was a blind spot, i nearly bumped into this guy. i let out a ‘gasp!’. i was shocked to suddenly see a face in front of me. he said ‘hi!’. puzzled, i squint my eyes at him, walked right past him and in my mind, “idiot, you almost hit me and you can even say hi?”

about 11am: crap! i left my wallet in my gym bag. i drove to work without my driver’s license and any money! luckily my colleague returned me RM 5.

about 4pm: was feeling hungry. felt like having a light snack and decided to take-away a chicken siew pau at a shop nearby. i told the waiter, “one siew pau“. he asked if one was enough. i said yes. he insisted i should have two. i only brought RM 2 with me and each siew pau was RM 1.20. i said, “no, one is enough…..”

the waiter was still persistent, “come on.. have two la… this one and that one.” i laughed. i asked, “why? second one free ah?”

“yes it’s free if you stand here and eat.”

wtf? my gosh. you mean you will watch me sink my teeth into that siew pau? i wanted to laugh but at the same time it sounded like this guy was just waiting to be slapped with a sexual harassment law suit. i quickly paid and left. siew pau was good though.

about 630pm: was on the way for my facial appointment. i needed to use the kerinchi link to get to mont kiara from federal highway. i was left with RM 3.80 and all i needed was RM 1.50 for the toll. didn’t have to worry about paying for facial since i’ve already made my payment for 10 sessions. phew! i was down to RM 2.30

unlucky me. i was 5 mins later and there was someone to man the carpark now. i wind down my window and asked how much to park. “RM 5.” i placed my hand on the gear, all ready to reverse. i screamed (ok, talked very loudly), “i don’t have RM 5!!!”

the car park attendant said, “ok ok… wait.. RM 3 but no receipt”

RM 3? i think i have that. NO I DON’T. i took out two crumpled RM1 notes and showed it to him. “i only have RM 2!! i don’t have any money!” the guy looked at me one kind. “why don’t you have money?! where your wallet??” i continued to explain that i forgot my wallet this morning and gave him a sad puppy face as if pleading to him that i’m late and desperate. please!! let me my park my car!!

“okla okla… RM 2.. no receipt.”



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