Posted by: dreymer | May 5, 2006

the hakka in me

being hakka ourselves, we are such big fans of our food (can’t speak the dialect though). during those days, my grandma would make her specialty ‘cha yoke’ which was subsequently forged by my very hainanese mother. after years of improvising the recipe, it took us a while to to distinguish what’s genuine or not.

we decided to go back to our roots to the authencity of hakka cuisine and try out a new restaurant in the curve – ying ker.

the setting is rather modern with leather chairs and veneer wood square tables. service was applaudable since it was so busy in there. people were lining up and staring at us like we were some fish in an aquarium! (we did the same too when we had to wait to be seated).

we were served by a mainland speaking chinese. we understood her mandarin but she did try to speak to us in english like when we ordered a glass water.

“do you want ass in water?”


“yes, ass.. cold water”

“oh, ice.”

just then we thought perhaps we weren’t so familiar with hakka food and beverage after all. 
our table setting

RM 4/person oolong tea served in an iron pot

you can have a choice of white or brown rice. you should go for the brown rice! it may be RM 2.50 per bowl but it tastes good!

fried egg with prawns and steamed pork with preserved vege.

their signature dish, ‘cha yoke’. braised pork with that black fungus thing – ‘mok yi’.

all mine!

portions are pretty small for the price we pay. RM 18 for a few pieces of pork just doesn’t seem worth it. perhaps our expectations were set too high since nothing beats grandma’s/mommie’s home cooked food.


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