Posted by: dreymer | May 7, 2006

TCHS: typical city people

we were supposed to congregate at my place at 7am. as usual, i thought they’d be late so i woke up a quarter before seven. i was wrong but i was also lucky that shuks and kailing didn’t “get the mail” about meeting at my place! haa!

all ready to hit the road; the black myvi and blue wira

hardly an hour on the road, the passengers were hungry. we stopped at the sungai buloh jejantas rest area; geri calls it another mini briefing for the non-attendees at ms read’s delicious a week before.

geri was already stalking us from her myvi..

then we had another mini break just after the toll exiting tapah. jil was already fast asleep. we grrls and chris needed a whiff of fresh air. ahh..

kailing’s message to geri the photographer; STOP!

the winding roads to cameron highlands started. geri must have brainwashed us possibility of getting car motion sickness that actually, i did feel a little quesy after all. on the way up, we spotted a waterfall. the surrounding area was badly maintained; very typical of malaysians to build something nice and not taking care of public property. what a shame.

city people taking a stroll

no matter where, kailing always end up with food in her hand

and as you can see, we were obviously not dressed for the occasion.

yeah, whatever.

finally, we reach tanah rata and found our rented apartment. it’s a three bedroom place with a kitchenette and two bathrooms. nothing to shout about for RM 380 per night. atleast they had astro but without channels 70, 71 and 72 😐

check out the flourescent orange sofa

it was lunch time and city people needed to eat. after walking up and down on the only row of shoplots of eateries in tanah rata, we settled for t-cafe; famous for their scones and apple pie. t-cafe is closed every sunday.

i know it was a petition for something..(too much info eh?)

to be continued…


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