Posted by: dreymer | May 7, 2006

wa si ong lai, lu gong dai dai

a month back elvin wanted us to try out a restaurant in kl but it didn’t happen because the restaurant was closed. thought it’ll be good to try it out, sheryl and i appointed elvin as our date on friday night.

green lotus; you can’t miss this

the entrance; very inviting

nestled behind the mod shopping mall is a chinese-thai fusion restaurant along the old shoplots. you probably have seen it before but never took much notice despite it’s flourescent green signage. elvin was right! the interior inside is balinese inspired and i must say, i love the blood red walls. the setting is dim and quiet, perfect for couples or people w/ bad skin and makeup. haha..

the main room

second room.. the one with red walls!

the ceiling adorned with antique fixtures and thai silk

the yellow orchid on every setting

we chose the set dinner comprising of tom yum seafood soup, rendang chicken, ladna bean curd, four angled bean w/ belacan and deep fried calamari enough for 4 people. we were stuffed! food was good (the tom yum was so spicy.. extra shiok) and the price was right – RM 49!

good food; good company

the best part about this place is that they have two separate private rooms. one of them has floor seating for a party of eight if i’ve not mistaken. actually, i did like the bathroom too! i would have taken some pictures because these people do have an eye for details — even their door knob was interesting. but after all those eery ghost stories sheryl and elvin was feeding me with, brrr.. i think i’ll leave the photo taking another time.


three’s a company

after that, it was jenga time at ceylon bar on jalan changkat bukit bintang. it is a cruel game to test your steadiness after a harvey wallbanger but i did well! perhaps the scare tactic worked; the loser has to send some rather indecent sms-es to people we shouldn’t be sending to.

our biggest accomplishment of the night; 36 levels and still standing

lucky for me, no sms-es were sent. the only time that the blocks crumbled i had to call how han and speak to him in hokkien. nevermind that i know jack-shit about the dialect (and neither does HH), i had to repeat a rhyme created by elv and sher. grrrr…

“wa si ong lai.. lu gong dai dai” (i’m a pineapple, you are a fool”)


trust me, with elv and sher’s sick minds working overtime, they could have created a longer rhyme for me. too bad i couldn’t handle so many hokkien words on one night. for the time being, i’m proud that my hokkien competency is still restricted to the female anatomy.

under a blanket of stars


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