Posted by: dreymer | May 9, 2006

TCHS: boh plantation, sungai palas

we couldn’t resist having more tea.. so we dropped by the boh plantation, sungai palas. the road leading to the factory and tea house was so narrow. and it was a two way street!

we took a short tour around the factory. there are just too many pics to upload so i’m leaving that out. our photographer did a really good job of taking every single shot of the tea fermentation process– from fresh tea leaves thrown all over gravel to the dried tea leaves that resembled cow’s manure.

but we were still up for tea!

the observatory cafe; impressive from a distance

not so impressive upclose

having our cup of mango tea and a slice of chocolate melt

the other side of chris

ok. bad england. suppose to read as “it WAS as if the horizontal bars were there for a reason.”

by the end of the day, we were up to our throats with tea. we spent the rest of the afternoon at strawberry ‘self-pluck’ farms, cactus farms, flower farms, vege farms. we missed the butterfly farm because one of our members had a rather unusual fear of creatures with wings. and feathers. and scales.

we were lucky enough to enjoy the sights and sounds of the local pasar malam (night market). we snacked so much on steamed sweet potato, deep fried sweet potato balls (wow.. so yummy), deep fried oyster mushrooms and pizza that we didn’t have any room for steamboat (we were officially off 50% from our planned itinerary). we were that hungry — that’s why you don’t find any pictures of us during the night.

i really enjoyed the hot pizza in the car. our driver, GKL, is ambidextrous. one hand on the wheel and the other a pizza.

*chants* thank you car-driver and may god bless you!


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