Posted by: dreymer | May 12, 2006

TCHS: ye olde smokehouse ain’t smokin’

we were up bright and early at 7am! can you believe that? and we were supposed to be on vacation. we were hungry for real bacon (from pigs), fried eggs and sausages and what better than to satisfy cravings at the infamous ye olde smokehouse. we have heard such great things about that place. their tudor-inspired architecture and surroundings just seemed like the perfect ambiance for english breakfast.

the entrance

while we waited for our table…


the cast at the reception

in the end, we didn’t have breakfast there because of their terrible service. we specifically requested to be seated at a certain area but it was occupied. we had no choice but to be placed at another part of the restaurant. we didn’t get seated immediately because the waiter mentioned that he needed to set the table first. by then, he had already taken our order.

another party of 6 (international tourists) arrived much later and they were immediately seated at the spot that we originally requested. the shame! and we were waiting at the reception for 10 minutes over! unsatisfied, we gave our piece of mind to the receptionist for their discriminatory service. 

yes, i believe our tourism ministry did emphasize that malaysians should be friendly to our visitors but not to the extend of shunning the locals. terrible terrible terrible. we were so dissapointed.

we stormed off and sweared that we would never visit this place ever!

when we got into the car, we just looked at each other and said, “oh shit.. now we don’t have any place to eat.”

after walking around brinchang, we had to settle for curry mee. haih. the only consolation is that they did serve siew yoke (roasted pork) in their noodles.

not exactly bacon and eggs, but wth.. we were effing hungry

to be continued…


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