Posted by: dreymer | May 13, 2006

TCHS: strawberries and cacti

spent the whole afternoon at cactus valley – the mothership of all cacti. that’s where guru gkl shared her wisdom of vege picking. also, we had a great time snacking on freshly plucked strawberries for only RM 4. it wasn’t the biggest or the most fantastic strawberries that we ever had but we aren’t complaining. would have been lovelier served w/ icing sugar or cream. yum!

the many faces of strawberry consumption

isn’t this pretty? the label says ‘amarlily’ but i’ve checked on the internet and found nothing on it! so perhaps, they got the name wrong or it’s just one of those¬†typical malaysian senario: they love to translate any english/foreign words to BM.

to be continued..



  1. methinks its amarylis lily…yes,comming from ms cabbage patch herself!

  2. ooooo.. you go to UK and you end up a farmer!

  3. try “amaryllis” – got tht name fr one of those crappy romance books i used to read i think its a flower

  4. thanks! now, i just gotta find a guy to send me a bouquet of amaryllis. haha! that’s gonna be tougher than trying to grow some in my garden.

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