Posted by: dreymer | May 13, 2006

TCHS: the journey ends in bidor

before we entered the ringlets, we had another stop for tea and scones at a tea plantation. the name slips my mind. the place is great except that half way it rained so we had to quickly secure a spot under the shade, the price was ridiculous (but you’re paying for the ambiance — outdoors facing the tea plantation) and the flies are aplenty (they keep buzzing at your face all the time). the only moment that got me laughing till my stomach hurts was when geri fell on her butt on the way to the restroom. you must think i’m evil to be joking about it when someone gets hurt. BUT BUT BUT… i only laughed after

  • i made sure she was alright,
  • she didn’t break any bones
  • she blamed her RM2.90 flip flops for that slippery slide
  • she laughed about it too
  • kailing giggled first

now, aren’t those reasons justifiable?

RM 50 for tea and scones; a little pricey but hey, we are on vacation 🙂

we left cameron hills slightly after 2pm and headed to bidor for very late lunch. we’ve heard alot of about bidor and the only person familiar with that place is shuks! so she was our guide for the day. at last, she was finally of some use! haha.. i’m kidding grrl 🙂

there’s just one main street in bidor and you can’t miss this kopi tiam called pun chun. they are famous for their herbal duck soup, wan tan meen and if you’re one of those snack junkies like i am, then this is also the place to get chicken biscuit (yes, the sinful one with lard), heong peng (with gluey, sticky caramel filling), sat keh mah (sticky and chewy thing), tau sah peng (green bean pastry) etc

the place was packed and it wasn’t even busy lunch hour! mmm.. very promising since we had lemak-less curry mee and mediocre tasting scones previously.

the famous ngap toi meen (herbal double-boiled duck broth)

the wantan (dumpling): filled with prawns and not flour!

while you wait for your noodles, you musn’t miss this favourite appetizer — woo kok (yam puffs). business is so good that every 30 mins or so, they will replenish their puffs with freshly cooked ones. you are always guaranteed of being served warm yam puffs. RM 1.20 per woo kok.

we had our food-tester aka guinea pig chris to describe how good the woo kok was.

chris takes the first bite:


ms. chong: so tell us master wong, in one word, what’s the first thing that came in your mind when you took that first bite?

ms chong: thanks master wong. very insightful. let’s move along..

just then master wong sneezes. gesundheit!

ms. chong: master wong, tell us what was it like to be the only thorn among the roses?

ms. chong: i’m sure that’s exactly how you felt.. all these ladies pouring all their attention to you. this is the first time you hung out for more than a day with the grrls.. what is your opinion about them?

ms. chong: must be their impeccable sense of humour. very good. from the scale of one to ten, master wong, tell us how would you rate your vacation with the ladies? the score of ten being the best time you’ve ever had.


ms. chong: no, from the scale of one to ten only.


ms. chong: err.. very well. off you go.. thanks for sticking around. hope you’ve enjoyed the cameron highlands saga where the controversies never cease.


thanks to geri, kailing, shuks, jil and chris for a fantastic time.



  1. Hhahaha don’t thank me.. falling down was the easy part…. making u guys all laugh takes talent… and i think i’ve got it… too bad jil wasn’t there …. hahahhhaa…

  2. scarrygerry: yeah but then jil would probably scold us for laughing at you 😉

  3. wah how well u guys know me HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. The ngap toi meen is heavenly good! master wong is farnie 🙂

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