Posted by: dreymer | May 13, 2006

the little caipira (country) girl

another public holiday on friday – 12th May. fantastic, that’s what we need. the benefits of living in a multiracial country. on thursday night, geri got me and sher and headed to kl to little havana. we thought we could catch some salsa-action, but obviously we were late! i finally had my first taste of caipirinha. lovely — tasted somewhat like a mojito. yes, +ve influence.

unconsciously struck a lazy ultraman pose; a sign that i should protect myself from anymore emotional harm. 

jil and geri

the maison

very close to heritage row, we only proceeded to enter because the exterior was inviting. we didn’t want to enter at a cover charge of RM 30 (!!) but we worked our way through for free with our subtle techniques of persuasion.

nice interior; crowd was young 😐

watermelon margarita shots

we moved outside to finish up our drinks and to take more photos.

jil’s revenge

we love the cut out of the tall chairs



  1. btw my phone cable dont connect to my computer or im just a dweeb so no revenge as cant bloody u/l the damn things to print or even send to u guys

  2. i tried to log on to maxis to retrieve the mms but they said my account has expired! how dumb and i was just a couple of days late..

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