Posted by: dreymer | May 16, 2006

naked escargot

she’s the one who would jump on top of me (becoz she’s so tiny) and shake my bed so that i can drag my lazybones out of my room. there were many evil urges to fling my arms at her and throw her on the floor.

but i can’t. she’s my mom. she claims that it is her god-given rights to irritate the shit out of me. i can’t defy god, can i? or mom.

happy mother’s day!

since friday was a public holiday, we joined the rest of the kl/pj community to temporarily over populate one utama. after all the shopping, we needed our dose of caffeine at coffee bean.

tried their scones. don’t! they serve scones with butter and strawberry jam. can’t complain that they aren’t any fresh cream or preserves that come with but the scone itself is so crumbly and dry.

i’m so addicted to scones. thanks to jil and geri. ack!

and then for dinner, we brought mommie out with the rest of the family to san francisco steak house. isn’t it nice when it’s so empty even on a friday night? food was fresh though.

i forgot what was it like to order a soup on my own and not share with anyone 😐 haze had to rub it in that now i don’t have to consult anyone on what to choose! i feel like a naked escargot 😐 i want my shell! just kidding.

met up with the guys at gusto’s and ss2 mamak.

elvin kept insisting that hh is a monkey.

hh was about to hit me with his fist for my never-ending photography.

ewww.. look at that ugly pole. no, i meant the umbrella stand. duh! 🙂


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