Posted by: dreymer | May 17, 2006

congrats mr & mrs eller

this is jasmine and i at our uni grounds on vintage day 2001. we were then apartment mates at northpark.

it was our first year experiencing this once-a-year-very-big-deal-event-in-small-town-fresno but we had some fun snacking on huge bags of popcorn. it was crazy!

and now.. she’s one hot mama! after 30 hours of labour and 2.5 hours of pushing..


i thought newborns were supposed to be all pink and wrinkly. but look at how alert sara is! i’m so amazed! isn’t she precious? look at the amount of hair too!

welcome to our world, sara elizabeth eller.

now i can’t wait for more celup babies to pop out… (looks at mrs barker)



  1. vintage day was happening ok…dont play play…
    the only day in the whole year where we hermits get out of our houses..hehehe.

    Anyway, mrs barker cannot afford to have kids…not at least for the next five years, so slowly wait! And 30 hours of labour I can do without…Jasmine is good, I not as geng as her!

    Congrats Jasmine!

  2. yeah, what was that ‘cake’ that we like to eat? do you remember? was it funnel cake? until today, i don’t know why it’s called that.

    mrs barker, cepat la. between three of us (me, you and sher), we are really counting on you to have some mili jrs and simon jrs. me and sher no hope liow!!

  3. YES man!!!

    Funnel cakes…look like deepfried waffles, with cherries or strawberries and a spray of whipped cream. i think they cook with a funnel that looks like the thing to make roti jala


    U want me to have kiddos can, but u come and take care for me lar..I hire u as aupair want or not?

  4. yeah.. funny funnel cakes. don’t quite get what’s the appeal. prefer waffles anytime!

    eeeks.. yes you can hire me as aupair. but i only look after cute kids. so u give birth first ok?

  5. […] announced that their wives were pregnant. Jasmine announced she’s pregnant again after cute Sarain May. Then for the news I’ve been anticipating for months….maggy’s popped! We […]

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