Posted by: dreymer | May 19, 2006

cruel pictures ahead :-|

yay. i have new snacks to munch on. yes yes, i’ll eat lots of chocolates, grow fat and live in solitary 😐 just kidding. i’ll eat lots of chocolates, grow fat and have chocolates as company 🙂

anyways, my principle about chocolates is that you need to eat the best ones (and usually they are the ones rich in cream and sugar). if you have to eat that amount of calories from one little bite of heaven, it might as well be calories worthy of your consumption.

this is what goobboy got me from japan!

ah.. the japanese. they never cease to come up with cute packaging to lure people like us. coming from research, i can understand what their marketing strategy is. they are targeting:

  • females
  • in denial that they are no longer within age group 15-24
  • overuse phrases like, “SO CUTE!” “SO NICE!”

i know the picture on the left looks like mouldy pretzel, but triple h got this for me fresh from sabah. it’s actually deepfried gula melaka. it is a little hard but it does taste alright. don’t ask me what’s it’s called.

the following pictures are meant for malaysians at heart who wish they didn’t live so far.

tk chong at damansara perdana

it all started out as a brother-sister business in taman tun (same row as maxis, in front of nasi kandar penang). sometimes family and money is like oil and water, they don’t mix. so this sister started her own biz in damansara perdana specializing in their pak chit kai (steamed white chicken) and ngah choi (bean sprouts).

steam chicken with ho-yau (oyster sauce) goes so well w/ blanched bean sprouts

broad rice noodles in chicken broth with lots and lots of chives!

prawn/shrimp wanton; soft outside, crunchy inside

a very satisfied customer. look at that smile!

after you’ve drank every drop of their irrisistable and addictive soup (must be the msg!) what better than to quench your thirst with a cold and sour sweet lime juice with asam boi (sour plum)?

are you salivating already?



  1. cruelty to animals. i feel so tortured…

    Your blog very psychologically damaging…i need a shrink now..

  2. LOL

    i think i can make you insane if i put up some nasi lemak and kai farn pics 🙂

    tell me what you miss!!

  3. dont want…wait all the nasi lemak sellers in KL traumatized..can just imagine when they have their weekly gathering at the ikan bilis warong:

    #1: eh minggu ini, ade satu ah moi tangkap gambar dengan i..cantik juga ahmoi tu
    #2: eh, gua juga le..ngape dia tu?
    #3: gua pun kena…gua ingat ahmoi suka kat i…cheh..
    #4: yah lah,ahmoi tu..suruh i tunjuk kat sepinggan nasi lemak..


  4. GILA!!!

    don’t forget you must add a ‘kot’ after every sentence..

  5. wow…. the sweeties got a mention… sorry abt the madelines…

  6. of course. good things are always worth mentioning.

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