Posted by: dreymer | May 21, 2006

ken came back!

ken was back and he spent 4 days in PJ! managed to catch up with him last thursday (18/5) in bakerzin, one utama. it was elvin’s choice! (wow! he has really changed! not all delicious food comes from ching-ching-chang-chang chinese stalls y’know!) he hasn’t stop promoting (for free) the warm chocolate cake which i’ve heard so much about. yes, it’s that one that is made to order, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and one piercing of the cake and it oozes out the liquid heaven. i really wanted to know if it was all true. of course, the main agenda was to goss with ken too!

mmm.. cafe latte; pure indulgence

the mixed reaction i got while updating them about my life…

our dessert tapas; L-R: something w/ raspberry, hazelnut & chocolate ice cream with caramelized rice crispies and vanilla creme brulee —> my fav!

how to dissect bakerzin’s warm chocolate cake

the evil-sweet indulgence; it all ends when the chocolate fudge stops oozing out

the smile of satisfaction! as good as the big o? er..

yay! together again with lotsa missing ones..

at dharoos… see ya ken! 



  1. I’m missing I’m missing…..



  2. yeah.. all your fault.. tee hee 😀

  3. cake looks sinful!

  4. yeah it is sinfully good. abit ex though.. Rm 16.90 leh

  5. Oh….what can i say, well first of all, i am a little slow reading your blog :-p another thing…oh wish i was there…Miss all of you!!!

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