Posted by: dreymer | May 22, 2006


ok. i don’t even remember which part this is…

for someone who grew up watching john travolta and olivia newton john in their sexy 20s crooning catchy tunes and dance moves, i was thrilled when grease the broadway musical came to town. although nobody can replace the great john, but hey, barely something as ‘good’ as this ever make it to malaysia.

i want to sum up saturday’s show in a few words. “thank god i paid the cheapest ticket for something so bad!”. even though “thank god i didn’t go” would have been a better statement but remember, live life w/out regrets! so i’m glad i went to find out myself about how:

  • terrible the sound system is in klcc cc. the actor’s voice were barely audible and laced with echo
  • the arrangement was a mess
  • some of the songs that i looked forward to wasn’t even in the show 😦
  • the actors looked like they needed a couple more hours of practice and sleep
  • the show was suppose to center in on danny and sandy but the principal stole the show (they called her ms lynch but in the movie, there was a MR lynch and a principal mcgee)
  • the writers could come out with corny moves like mentioning the words “grease lightning” and then in the background you see lightning and hear thunder..



a scene from the prom. sha na na was reduced to one!

on the other hand, the plus points were — atti2de got us REALLY good seats with no obstructions at all, sherly to go along with at the very last minute and both of us secretly taking these pics for you all..

a scene in the garage as the boys sing and dance to “grease lightning” *lightnight!*thunder!*



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