Posted by: dreymer | May 24, 2006

elliot yamin is a star

i finally submitted it. i hope she won’t revert with criticism until next week week so that i can be assured of a sleep in during the weekend. i don’t want to be working on it until midnight on something i hope to (or supposed to) like in future. she shouldn’t push me anymore to the edge if not i might just give up on numbers.

on a separate note…

american idol finale is on tonight! i am having a tough time on picking a side since i’m neither a fan of silverfox taylor hicks or fever-hot katharine mcphee. i did like mcphee earlier on but i feel that she’s getting a little cocky. my favourites were the botak rocker chris daughtry and soulful elliot yamin. why elliot you ask? he’s the underdog. come on, if you have been following the show since the season started, did you see how elliot looked like? not only did he have hideous bangs but he couldn’t dress at all. a typical village american that never stepped out of their county.

seriously, i’m not trying to be mean but earlier on in the season when he had that short SHORT fringe and that tiny bit of facial hair, he reminded me of a famous hirsute character:


you do see the similarity, don’t you??

too bad, he couldn’t garner enough votes to get into the finale but he has gone soooo far 😉 he did good!

i really hope this year we’ll get a white male american idol. not because i like taylor, but i think we need a little variety.

here’s something to look forward to tonight:

photos courtesy of geri


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