Posted by: dreymer | May 27, 2006

females + clothes = chaotic bliss


heard of the sentence: looks good on paper?

before bridezilla kicks me for procrastinating further, i took half day off for my fitting at that special occasion. since anna was away, kris designed a knee length, a-line dress with a heart-shape v neck for me. also, since they didn’t have much selection of fabrics, i got mine at binwani’s; italian shandong silk! so beautiful. i love the colour. it’s olive green (to coincide with the wedding theme) and when you see it in another angle, fuchsia. because it’s shandong silk, the material is very soft and feels great on the skin. apparently, it is made in italy because the workmanship is superior compared to china’s 🙂

it’ll be ready in 2 weeks. yippee!

speaking of dresses, forever 21’s grand opening today was chaotic. i thought being 15 minutes early before their 7pm official opening would make me less ‘kiasu’ but there were at least 50-60 females that were 100XXX more ‘kiasu’ that me! i put myself to shame. they have vast selections of tops, skirts and dresses. the price ranges from RM 69 for a top to RM 159 for a dress. pretty reasonable, i thought. the ladies were going crazy in there. some were grabbing a few pieces at one go and some were rummaging through their diverse collection of accessories. the thing is, it was not as if there was a sale!

one of the sales assistant told me that i should buy whatever i like today because there were several pieces already sold out. (what? in less than an hour?)

the crowd in there reminded me of some pasar borong jualan murah. a sheer indication that we are thirsty for more boutiques like these in malaysia. the first time i stepped into a forever 21 store was in glendale galleria, glendale, california. when i left US, i was thrilled to find out there was one in singapore in wisma atria. right now, it’s just 10 mins from where i live!

i didn’t want to walk out empty handed. like the rest of the masses and due to time restrictions, i only got a top and two necklaces. i know i could have done better.

my wishlist: to be forever 21



  1. Ahh no wonder lah I see u whizzing by me towards B2 carpark…thot u were dieing to go to the gym or something. HAH!

  2. omg. i think i better be on the look out for your maroon honda so i will slow down!!! 🙂

  3. Eh…so serious until taking one day off ar? Does that mean when I go back you taking half day off also?:D

  4. of course! that dress is so important.. plus i was sick of work. haha 🙂

  5. Ooooh..then get ready to be sick again kay…:)

  6. Where is Forever 21 in malaysia?

  7. jenny: one utama next to mng

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