Posted by: dreymer | May 28, 2006

lavie en rose

life in pink.

woke up to the sight of blooming fresh pink carnations. my favourite shade of pink.


visited my parent’s home to oversee the renovation progress. everything looks good so far. it was such a hot day but pleasantly breezy.

my secret window

i will get up to blue skies and fluffy clouds

the tv; the view from my balcony. railings not fixed yet.

me and shortie. i love my pink sandals. he loves his ‘mimi cooper’.

my nephew with his favourite cars; mini cooper and bmw m3

the ever-so-inviting swimming pool at the club

the succulent coconut flesh eaten cold on a hot sunny sunday

the lotus appears in solitary…

she’s always the center of attention…

la vie en rose

(here’s proof to someone that i don’t just take pictures of food! hee hee)



  1. looks more like apartment or condo than a house. Where is this? Looks very peaceful place to live in…

  2. Errm….

    Only one comment..why lately everything also lianhua wan?

  3. LOL. bitch. why not?? part of my name right.. just like your blog.. very PRETTY. anyways, i have no connection to that ah lian hua from you know where.

  4. yah getting into your name:P. Can’t blame me lar..first thing I think about is of course you-know-who from you-know-where

  5. yeech: it’s within selangor so not that peaceful afterall. lol.

    sourrain: yeah and it only takes one bad flower to spoil the name. i’m going back to my true lotus roots. (ling ngau) lol.

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