Posted by: dreymer | May 31, 2006

mixologist; a euphemism of a bartender

it was the launch of belvedere vodka at chynna, heritage row. barely reaching the first floor, we were already bombarded with drinks. the perfect way to unwind on a wednesday night (24/5).

canapes for dinner

wished i wasn’t the designated driver

self-claimed mixologist aka bartender

a sliver of lime in a martini makes a visibly boring drink interesting

flambed lime

jil’s red hot!

geri left her t9 down for once

i asked for something sweet and this is what i got

silly grrls in the red room (even the restroom was not spared!)

and after the martini, bellini and some horrid drink with ginger thinghy, it was time for ngau kee along jalan alor.

beef ball noodles with lotsa chili and kon loh meen (dry noodles). plastic tables. plastic chairs. next to a drain that reeked. but who cares when you’ve got ngau kee.



  1. 10 points for snapping a great pict of me:> approved !!!! great shots… esp the one of jil. borrowing my red light some more.. taken like a true pro.

  2. my own blog and i have a personal censorship board! lol.

    yeah, we work together to share those blinding flashes and red lights for those special effects.

  3. Google

    Google news and reviews

  4. kudos to your censorship board and photoshop skills!!!!!!!!!!hahaahah

  5. i like the ngau kee part better. yummy!

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