Posted by: dreymer | June 2, 2006

car park: jeepers creepers the sequel

there was another robbery at my office carpark on monday. this time a colleague of our’s fell victim to theft. she left office at 7pm (it is considered early) carrying her laptop and handbag. she was walking up the stairwell to the 1st floor when she heard footsteps charging down to meet her as she made her way up to the 2nd floor.

two guys held her with a parang and demanded her belongings. she had no choice but to hand over her laptop, money and cellphone. at that moment, even if you had a pepper spray/mace in hand or you are a black belt holder in karate, you would give up your material valuables because you do not want to antaganize them. you know that your own safety and survival is priority. 

she was devasted. when the bastards fled, she reported to those operators at the booth. they looked at her without an inch of sympathy and had the cheek to comment, “oh, it normally happens in the afternoon.”


another colleague who found the victim as she collected her other items sprawled on the floor told the operators off. she demanded that the operators do their rounds to secure the area only to be bombarded with a lame excuse, “we have. they are not there anymore.” right. like any ‘intelligent’ thief would still remain at the scene of the crime to be apprehended. these people think through their butt.

this is not the first time someone got robbed in this dreadful building aka carpark. the carpark management was supposed to do something about it (i.e. increase security) but their apathy towards such cases is evident. 

why is it that people only would take such an incident seriously when something horrific happens — like rape or murder.




  1. Is that a subaru I see?

  2. nowander so many cases of snatch thief in your office carpark drey… See from your pictures… all nice and expensive cars!

  3. chris: wow! you’re good.

    atti2de: HAHA.. yeah, and my car is righttttt at the end there. the red one 😉

  4. my office better – when i scolded car park management guy and demanded explanation as to y didnt notify the tenants abt robbers who not only grab the cars but also strip their victims to the skin, he said “how to do dat?”

  5. bastards!!

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