Posted by: dreymer | June 6, 2006

my new love (part 1)

perhaps i made such a rash decision. some said i should have thought about it long and hard. we had many beautiful years together. we didn’t have a problem until recently when he failed to listen. so much so that whatever was said, i couldn’t hear.

we were both in denial. he denied to fail completely. i denied that things could still work out between us. we were just lying to ourselves. sometimes.. you just have to let go of the old, and start afresh with the new.

all these years, i’ve been loyal to one. i never dared touch another in fear that i would fall in love too easily. even when i did, there was a restraint. i held back.

i don’t ask much. i’m a simple person. really.

i seek three vital qualities:

  1. to be there for me even when he falls.
  2. to not scream at me if i push the wrong buttons
  3. to light up when i want him to open up

after my search, i found him. yes, the perfect one. my new love of my life. my new baby… and he’s foreign.

to be continued…



  1. oh my… another suspense… thank goodness I don’t have a weak heart.

  2. You’re getting a new laptop!!!

  3. teaser.!!!… is he black or white??? hhahaha is his name Mac? hahhaha…. i want one too :>

  4. ur killin us! Come on let the rabbit out!

  5. is d thingy tht costs rm1k and tt G. was telling us abt right?

  6. wow.. he’s not going to be pleased when he reads this 🙂

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