Posted by: dreymer | June 8, 2006

my new love (part 2)

it was love at first sight. i never thought i’d be one of those melodramatic fools that would fall into a whirlwind romance of a trap.

you know me; i’m realistic. au contraire, i succumbed to his appeal even before we were physically together. i promised myself that i’ll be careful with what i say in my blog but i find it difficult to suppress my happiness. anyone ever in love would know what i mean. sometimes, i smile in secrecy. my colleague next to me must think i’m mental (*does the crazy-head-shaking-eye-boggling msn emoticon*)

he is sleek. he is modern. he is multilingual. he has his own unique ways of communicating with me. the special vibes i receive when i handle him. and i can’t resist those varying rhythm. sometimes at my request, he sings to me ‘tu quieres volver’ by the gipsy kings.

and yes, i could show you his picture (if there are requests).

to be continued… 



  1. vibratror?

  2. beat you!!!


  3. Can I be him??

  4. roberta: *laughs* a vibrator that sings? wow!

    sourrain: patience my dear

    will: maybe

  5. Is he firm to the touch?
    Does he warms up between your hands?
    Do you shake with anticipation just before you touch him?
    Do you stick things into him for an ‘electrifying’ experience?

  6. emad?

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