Posted by: dreymer | June 13, 2006

penang: local food and being pampered

y’know.. the last time i step foot onto penang island i was only 10 years old. that gotta be.. let’s see.. 12 years back? lol. i don’t remember much except for their reputable char kueh teow and asam laksa. anytime you want to order these dishes, it has to be from penang. the heavy burden now lays on hao han’s shoulders to bring us to the best!

L-R turnip dumpling and deep fried springrolls

asam laksa – spicy and sour fish base broth with noodles and slices of onions, cucumber, pineapple and red chili. a must to stir in the potent hei koh (shrimp paste)

char kueh teow – stir fried broad rice noodles with fresh shrimp, bean sprouts, duck egg, lap cheong (chinese sausages), cockles and chives. this was excellent!

shared a bowl of assam laksa. the day has only just begun and we were saving room for more!

after our hearty lunch, hh drove us around the city to view the contrast of the old and mod buildings. what i love about penang is that they still retain the facade of most collonial buildings. the nostalgic architecture reminds us about penang’s great history. here’s one of the many building that still retains its originality.

conversation in the car: 

drey: oh! old buildings.. must take picture

spy: oh! old man.. must also take his picture.

besides the local cuisine and architecture, penang is also famous for tau sah peah (green bean biscuit). the best ones (as they all say) is from him heang. they are so particular that you need to pay up first before lining up in a separate queue to collect your boxes of freshly baked biscuits. another thing to add: only a fool would purchase one box.


our goodies. we aren’t fools.

we arrived (by chance) at copthorn orchid penang about 3pm.

wow! still very, very neat.

all seaview rooms come with a balcony

it was not on purpose that we dressed somewhat alike 😛

after settling down for an hour, we headed to the merai spa. (check out the link to the spa. i don’t understand why they had to choose two guys to pose. it’s just so wrong and so un-sexy! if they were two hot looking guys, it’s a different story but old and tubby?!)

first 10 mins in the sauna. fricking hot!

then 20 minutes in the jacuzzi…

feet in first..

damn! i could do this everyday…

she was definitely enjoying it

and then we had our own private massage room specially for couples 😛

i don’t quite understand why there is a helang (eagle) there..


and a private jacuzzi for two as well…

before we wrapped our naked bodies w/ a sarong, we had to change into disposable panties. i am thinking, what about men? would they have disaposable briefs?? were there specially made ones for guys? were all disposable underwears gender-free, size-free?? well, at least we know that the panties were pretty roomy which could suit an average size guy. i think. *shrug*

one hour of full body massage. i want my own private masseuseeeeeee! i felt totally relax and she was doing such a good job i didn’t want her to stop. it wasn’t too painful or ticklish. perfect! and then it was 30 minutes of full body scrub. since we tried the java lulur scrub in bali, we opt for something different — sugar berries scrub. the sweet sugar and heavenly scented berries gives a brightening glow to lackluster skin due to its high AHA contents that has a gentle peeling effect (i copied this from their brochure). in short, if your skin is blah and you want to smell amazingly sweet… go for this scrub.

the best part was soaking in the jacuzzi full of bubbles. it even had technicolour lights inside as well! i want my own private jacuzzi with funky lightssssssssss!

two hours and 15 mins is just too short.

anyway, if you are wondering about the cost, as a hsbc cardholder, you can get this deal (smart privilege) at a promo price. the one night stay at the hotel inclusive of breakfast for two and spa came up to a total of RM 207 per person. for your info, a 3 hour treatment in merai spa starts at RM 300.

just in time…

wouldn’t it be a great to cuddle up with that someone special and enjoy the sunset together?

more to come: thai-seafood dinner at the bukit genting and chillin’ out with the boys at chill-out.

to be continued….


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