Posted by: dreymer | June 14, 2006

penang: hungry and thirsty

hh only gave us an hour to get ready right after our spa and swim in the pool! so mean! he kept rushing us. doesn’t he know that our mood is heavily depended on how our hair is styled?!?! MEN! he said that it was 45 mins drive to bukit genting and that place closes at 10pm. yah whatever! RaaR!

it took more than 45 mins because of the dark and winding road. by the time we got there it was almost 9:30pm. it started to drizzle and we were starving! despite almost fainting to the ground, we did have the strength to take a couple of pictures first.

that’s one huge cock to welcome us


from top left, clockwise: otak-otak, pineapple fried rice and deep-fried calamari, green chicken curry and stuffed crabs.

not pictured: white tomyam soup

the otak-otak was rather unique. instead of the usual flat fish paste, this one had a layer of prawns and squid underneath resting on a bed of cabbage. my favourite was still the stuffed crabs though. ooh la la!

lesson learnt: never order when you’re extremely hungry. you tend to over-order!

thai dessert: i love red rubies!

not bad, right? we did clean the plates up well.

P for pantat; L for lanjiao *slaps herself for being so crude*

after dinner, we even had a short tour around hh’s office – intel. that place is big! i don’t know why but being in bayan lepas (an industrial area) reminds me of san jose. it had to be those edgy, short buildings with huge, open space car park.

finallyyy… elvin arrived at our hotel with his really young looking friend chee hong. he’s so cute that you want to push him down and point at him and laugh. but luckily we didn’t because we later found out that he is a karate sensei. you wouldn’t want to mess with him.

on the way to chill-out, a club in the gurney hotel

inside chill-out.

there are three separate rooms in chill-out. there’s the r&b, techno and pop room.

i was praying she’ll grab me 🙂

my luv!

spy-cie grabs vin

dreymer clings on to vin

vin holds on to chee hong

our kurma. lol.

ok-la.. that was the end of our second night in penang. plus we got a summon for parking illegally at the side of the road. bleh. 

more to come: living dolls, monkeys and guess what’s smooth and white?

to be continued…



  1. I will grab whoever whoever comes handy..kekeke

  2. Oh..gosh…i’m in the news…

  3. hola, still know who am i?? hehehe ^_^

  4. hai! kawaii no senseiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😉

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