Posted by: dreymer | June 20, 2006

all roads lead home


i know some of you must be thinking what’s the effing big deal about getting lost on a highway. it was not as if i was driving aimlessly in some small, quiet obscure village road where strange people with tiki torch and animal print underpants roam.

i’m usually not the designated driver (we all know why now). even if i was, i would insist to drive only in areas i’m familiar with or i have a knowledgeable road-wise navigator with me. because of that, i usually don’t venture far on my own. i’ve been too comfortable in my zone. in this case, location wise would be the suburban — or the CITY (we’ve up one notch!) petaling jaya.

if it was something i can learn from this experience, it would be that i need to get out of my comfort zone. explore further. go beyond. get lost. learn and experience. i’m not just applying this to the scope of driving only but to life in general. as someone who was kind enough to remind me, live life. after all, as i’ve said before, all roads lead back to home. what’s there to be afraid of? 🙂

it’ll be my second time picking the caveman from batu caves. really, it isn’t that difficult to search for his place. umm.. perhaps i should add that sheryl and i did get lost the first time. it wasn’t our fault when there were two signs that read the same: taman perindustrian bolton and taman bolton. to make matters worst, they were just one street away from each other. come on, anyone would be a little confused!

i left my house at 7:15pm on sunday as we had dinner plans at 8pm in jalan imbi. i pass the toll and there was a sign that read the overhead bridge leading to batu caves (BC) would be closed from 9pm to 6am. i decided to be too smart for my own good and take another route (rather than the suggested detour). it should only take 30mins to get there but…….. i only managed to reach his house at 8:45pm. it’s only RM 1 for toll but i ended up paying RM 4.20 for a one way trip.

just when i thought the ordeal has ended, i had another round of being lost. yes, again! not my fault this time because those idiot road people decided to make a joke out of me and close the highway. just like that! they didn’t even state an alternative route for people like me! i had to go back all the way to kuala lumpur via jalan kuching and then on to jalan duta – damansara. i was speeding like crazy. my poor, poor myvi 😦

finally got back at 1am when i could have been home, tucked in bed and enjoy the very last 30 mins of sunday before the start of monday slavery.

i wanna blame it on:

  • poor road signs
  • the lack of u-turns
  • expensive toll
  • sammmmy velllllu (name intentionally mispelt)

in the end, we know that all roads lead home. it’s just a matter of how you get there.

i wanted to scream, cry and throw something at someone but i couldn’t. got these from +2 and iv. yay! i finally got to read domino (sister mag of my fav. lucky mag) and the premiere issue of blueprint. i love the handbag and pear shape candles too!

more to come (with pictures): i think i just gained 10lbs from all those birthday dinners…. bleargh.



  1. To get back to subang from Atmosphere, I once via old klang road, batu caves, sungai buluh ,back to damansara and on the toll back to subang.

    at 4am. I arrived home at 5.30am.

    So you are not the only one dreydrey..:)

  2. great. i’m not the only one with bad direction! phew!

  3. well at least you didn’t stuck in kepong for 3 hours… 😛 that’s why no matter wat i won’t use that way to go anywhere now, even going into kepong, i’ll use jalan kuching, damn scared. Anyway, thanks alot for visiting the cave!

  4. my pleasure 🙂 can i post up the pictures i took at your cave? (you knew i took pictures right?) haha..

  5. err…. who wants to look at the cave lah, save ur space for better pictures. Anyway, I want to see wat pics u took in my cave.

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