Posted by: dreymer | June 22, 2006

hook, line and sinker

“but he cares..” she murmurs defensively as she turns away, eyes welled up with salty liquid.

a skeptic, i looked at her in disbelief. there sits a strong, independent and capable lady i’ve known for years only to be weak in her knees when it came to men.

“really? he does? i don’t know what to say.” i lied openly. the truth is i had ALOT of things to say.

she brings her head back and looks up at the rotating fan, fighting hard not to have her tears trickle down her crimson cheeks. “maybe it’s because you don’t know him like i do..”

she was right. i may have known him for years but do i KNOW him as a person? i let out a heavy sigh. i wished i had answers to her long list of questions. questions that still swim in my mind once in a while in hope that one day it would wash to shore with something. anything.

or maybe we already knew the answer and all these while we were hanging on to an empty float. temporarily to stay on the surface because we weren’t ready to sink to the bottom yet.

if he cares, he’ll message you.

if he really cares, he’ll call you.

if he really, really cares, he’ll go all out not to lose you.

it is and have always been that straightforward. you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

she may have led a complex life but when it comes down to love, she would settle for simple. at this point of desperation, any form of communication could live up her spirits. good or bad, at least it was an answer. an assurance.

just when i handed her a kleenex to wipe away her tears streaming with black mascara, her cellphone moved and beeped. our heads turned to the phone then looked up at each other simultaneously. her eyes widen. her lips parted as if wanting to say something but was loss of words.

“read it.” i encouraged her. my eyes blinked once and i nodded with approval.

nose runny and eyes bloodshot and swollen, her fingers reluctantly grasp the phone. her face lit up as she lay her gaze on the screen. out loud, she read:

at least we knew who cared to message.



  1. You know as much as I hate citing one of those “guide to dating” books, there really is some truth to the book “Maybe He’s Not Into You”.

    Having no knowledge of the couple and the situation and just going by what you wrote here, I would agree with what you said and that is if the guy cared at all, he would have done a lot of things.

  2. i read that already 🙂

    yups. you don’t need much insights to the situation because IT IS REALLY THAT SIMPLE.

  3. Then some people like me..its never enough, I want a big big diamond..:D. And then a big big house. Failing that, I just whinge all day.

    The sequel is even better ‘Maybe you’re not that into him either’. Power sial.

    Sometimes we cling on to things because we are afraid of what is in store for us. It is always more comfortable to stay with what you know even if it hurts.There might not even be any love left, she might even had seen right through him by now, but its still the comfort zone. Or the thought that there might not be anyone else out there for her…

    this is why women stay in abusive situations and loveless marriages thrives

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