Posted by: dreymer | June 23, 2006

june birthday babies

the long over due birthday people pictures.

16th June – elvin’s birthday at chong fatt, jalan ipoh

sheryl and i made this card for him… complete with some of our penang pictures.

the other star of the night — that’s just HALF a fish head. (yes, there is flesh in a fish face).

the big headed prawn…. wears grey

justin and charlize

our private room…

with the big boss…

checking out the damage (and incriminating pictures) for the night…

guess who tried to get into the action of taking pictures of us! your camera is too big la elv…

June 18th – edmund’s birthday at lobsterman, jalan imbi

(this is the night that i got lost! elv and i were 1 hr 45 mins late! yikes)

the setting

my idea of a lobsterman. not bad huh? i drew that with my left hand too! *clap clap* justin said it looked like an ant. yeah.. like an ant have a flappy tail *rolls eyes*

immediately, i felt like a surgeon…

thanks for waiting, guys…

3 lobster, 3 men and a grrl

the tong sampah…

nini and aiwee join us for drinks…

at klcc…

drinks at shrooms…

aiwee must have been making fun of park…


june 19th – father’s day/sister’s birthday at greenview, section 16

helping his mommie out. his spit landed on my arm! no kidding!

got him another hotwheels so that he won’t climb all over us during dinner…

i’m sure you wouldn’t want to be disturbed while having sang har meen (fresh prawn noodles)…

or a giant crab claw…

blackforest cake… a sugar rush.

three down and two more birthdays to go… 😐



  1. June you quite jialat hor?So nice got so many burfday partee to go to….When i grow up, i want mine to be held in mcdonalds so we can play games…

    So nice got burfday cake all..i wan ian’s car!!!

  2. we can still do your’s in McD’s 🙂

  3. Yay!

    But must play hide and seek behind the apple tree u know…and pass the parcel and memory game and I want a playdoh set..

    Then we end the night with a bottle of chivas.

  4. what’s great is mcd’s free refill on coke. atleast we have the mixer part covered 😀

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